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Will someone pleasee roleplay NinjaGo with meeee
I have been watching it nonstop
Can someone RP ninjago with me over kik? Pleaseee

If you need my kik it's Animechika98

(My laptop isnt working and my phone wont let me do a journal entry)
I knew it. I knew that this was going to be the end for me. I was fighting Medusa and I was losing, badly. I wanted to protect my friends. I know that if i need to protect them I need to give it my all. Most of my powers were gone, and my side was bleeding badly. She stuck one of her vectors inside my stomach. I coughed out blood and my vision got blurrier. "DARK!!!" I heard my friends screaming my name. I fall to the ground unable to get up. I hear Medusa laugh and I knew she had left. "B-black*Star" I managed to say weakly. "S-shut up! We'll get you help! Soul Maka! Kid! get Stein!!!" he said. "I-it's no use." I say coughing out tons of more blood. "B-black*star..I love much...I'm's no" I say. He holds me close to his chest. "I love you too Dark." He says trying to hold back his tears, which are falling onto my cheeks. I wipe his tears and I smile....soon my vision is gone..and all I hear is "DARK!!!!!"
Black*Star Hold Dark Now
Based off of the song "Hold me now" by Red.
DoB: 2-13-98
Bf/Crush: Joey
Bio: Yuna is a homeless girl who gets into fights alot, and to the point where she got expelled from school for fighting way to much, her best friends are Joey, Teá, Tristan, and Yugi (and Kat). She turns out to be Tristan' long lost sister. She has a huge crush on Joey but is to stubborn to admit anything. She also has lots of panic attacks and mental breakdowns but doesnt want anyone to know. 
Can someone RP ninjago with me over kik? Pleaseee

If you need my kik it's Animechika98

(My laptop isnt working and my phone wont let me do a journal entry)


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Neko Raikage
United States
Hey. I'm a rocker girl and i may be 16 years old. I love Eddsworld... I play drums because my FAVE drummer in the ENITIRE world inspires me, at times im impaitent, and i LOVE violence. My BFF in the entire world is Mikayla! And Im an Emo not much. i h8 when ppl call me "girly" because im not girly. oh and i LOVE anime!! :D oh and BTW confuzzled is MY WORD!!!!! DO NOT USE IT!!!!!! Oh and if ppl touch my Cd's they will DIE! as u can tell i take music seriously. SASUKE IS MINE BACK OFF!!!!!!!!! So is Light from Death note. And Tord from Eddsworld. I can be a fangirl at times. i HATE Justin Bieber!!!!!!! I HATE POP MUSIC! And I am a proud anime freak! And I get pissed way to easy

dA fam

:iconellimcq: Avril's BFF
:iconbarrel-derps: the derpy derp who lives in barrels
:icontadashiraiden: my lil sis
:iconilovegeckos: my gecko loving friend. and we have weird role-plays. And the crazy person who plays with chainsaws
:iconharmonythroughanime: My pet
:iconsmosher247: my smosh loving friend
:iconthetoontownfreak: The Vaati of your closet and ruler of the dark world.
:iconnom-nom-rawr:my half-lamp quarter potato pet cat!
:iconlunaslurp: my Pufflekookie
:iconlittlebigcyber: the little freak who steals all the oreos
:iconmizztolly: emiontly unstabble
:iconm-adara: fun, unknown and violent
:iconkrisskrossed: Resident nutcase
:iconayuki-karpy: the supportive older sister
:iconshiorifujikaze: she is my real-life bitch!!! Amazing person! Will make u LOL!!! Amd shes a HUGE Kaka-Anko fangirl. And will amyfangirl for everything LOL!!! Shes my bitch and my penisister (THAT IS US! STFU)

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PLEASE IM BROKE!!!!! Ill draw u a pic!!!!!!

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yo bitch it's periodsaresharkweek XD
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yo m8, txt meee~
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Hey..I can't get on kik right now cuz my wi-fi isn't working and I'm on my parent's laptop to type since my laptop doesn't let me...sorry..

do you wanna continue the rps here?
huskeygal98 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
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This is the Higurashi rp.

Teacher: Good morning students! Please take your seats!

-they take their seats-

Teacher: today, we have exciting news! We have two new students joining us today! They both transferred from Tokyo to here in, Hinamizawa! *gestures for them to come in* come in you two ^^
huskeygal98 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Kirara: *comes im quietly
DeliriousShinigami Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Student Artist
Miyuki: *comes in, blushing a bit*

Teacher: *writes their names on the board* okay! Kirara and Miyuki Orihara! *looks at them* please introduce yourselves ^^

Miyuki: H-Hello...My n-name is M-Miyuki Orihara...I'm 15 years old a-and I-it's......N-Nice to meet you all! *bows*
huskeygal98 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
Kirara: Hello,i'm Kirara nice to meet you im 15 going to be 16 next week....nice to meet you all...*whispers i guess*
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DeliriousShinigami Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Student Artist
Hey Neko-Chan I'm at school right now and I can't go on kik I'm sowwy Senpai... ; A ;
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